Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well the first stages of testing are done!

I wrote the WCT - a collision report based on a multi-vehicle collision, it went very smoothly, I can thank hours of practising for that.

I also wrote the PATI - a 90 question aptitude test, also went very smoothly i believe, seemed easier then the material i was practicing on the website.

And finally the PREP - the obstacle course, my first time going through it and i got a time of 2:15 - way below the cut-off of 2:43. Then there was the shuttle run component or beep test, and made it no problem to level 6.5.

So im very pleased with myself, I am on the right road! Just need to wait for a phone call to book my BPAD video simulations, once that is completed i will get my Certificate of Results and i can freely apply to a police department.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,
I would like to know how long your essay was for the WCT, maybe give me pointers, I wrote it twice already, and both times i failed, citing that i didn't put all important information... not sure what i missed at all (i had no problems with the PATI the first time, and the PREP both times i passed)
Maybe give me heads up, Thanks.

Police Foundations Programs said...

Congrats !
So, finally you had passed your first test. How do you prepared for your first exam ?

Max said...

Hey congratulations for passing your first test.

How do you feeling after passed your first test.

Student on Police Foundations