Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OACP Certificate In Hand.

Well its been a while since the last update thats for sure! However I was scheduled for my BPAD, hearing/visual testing on Oct. 11th in Orillia.

Went in very nervous, but I also felt extremely prepared after studying for several days on the policeprep website, also asking some questions on the blueline forums.

The BPAD's were actually fun! I can't induldge too far into the specifics, but as far as tips and advice are concerned, DONT BE NERVOUS! I know its hard to say this now, especially since i am done, but once you get into the thick of it things start to settle down and one actually starts to have some fun with it!

The hearing/visuals were standard procedure, nothing hard, passed no problem.

A nice thing about taking the testing through the OPP is i found out i passed the BPADs the next day, on the 14th, and had my certificate in hand on the 15th!!! Can't beat that speedy service, as opposed to ATS testing taking weeks to deliver the certificate!

With this speedy service i applied to Toronto Police on the following Monday! As i sit, i am currently awaiting the "phone call" to come in for an interview.... I will keep everyone posted!!!